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Kambric Goods began as a very personal project for founder and maker, Daisy Hartmann. A few years ago, as her parents began to sort through the odds and ends that filled her East-Coast childhood home in preparation for their move to California, they came across a large black portfolio filled with her late grandmother's hand-painted textile designs from the '60s and '70s. Her father set it aside, deciding that Daisy, the youngest of three girls, should be the one to keep it, as she was following most closely in her grandmother's artistic footsteps.

As a graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology, Daisy always attributed her affinity for the arts and fashion to her paternal grandmother, the brand's namesake, Katarina "Kati" Hartmann, whose memory has been a constant source of inspiration to Daisy. Kati survived World War II in Europe only to have to flee an oppressive regime in Romania in the '60s. She had to restart her life not once, but twice: in Israel and then later again in Montreal. Yet she rebuilt and reinvented herself in both instances, from seamstress to baker, to textile designer. 

In following Jewish tradition, which suggests that one may name someone (or in this case, something) after a person by using the first letter of their name, Daisy chose to call this line Kambric Goods after Kati. This departure from the usual spelling of the word 'cambric' is also a nod to the groovy prints featured on the fabrics which are not the traditional plain white normally associated with the word.

Entering the fashion industry with their bespoke clothing pieces in original mid-century prints, this eye-catching Bay Area-based brand pulls from their archive of over 300 original hand painted textile designs. Custom making each garment for her clients, Daisy ties current trending silhouettes to her grandmother’s colorful, groovy, history-rich prints, seamlessly. Sizing is fully inclusive, as each piece is made to the consumer’s provided measurements.

Kambric Goods is now in the midst of working on their second collection, featuring loungewear and garments for lovers of bold prints, individualized design, and mid-century styles. 

Founder & Designer, Daisy Hartmann

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